The Casabona Ventures team approaches our clients using a 3-phase plan designed to help the entrepreneur navigate a course of company growth no matter their stage of development. The 3 modes are: Benchmark; Raising Capital; and Execution. We believe all 3 phases are applicable whether the entrepreneur is bootstrapping or fundraising. From our team’s perspective our role is to mostly review and critique, while from the entrepreneurs’ perspective they will modify and act upon the specific tasks. Ultimately, however, the entrepreneurs’ own management teams are accountable for the success or failure of their business.


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Phase 1 – Benchmark

  • Benchmark Founder’s entrepreneurial aptitude
  • Review overall legal docs and accounting needs
  • Review product development and roll-out road map
  • Review and critique existing business plan and pitch deck
  • Facilitate and assist developing a SWAT analysis
  • Benchmark Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
  • Benchmark current performance of business using specific metrics



Phase 2 – Raising Capital & Preparation

  • Review milestone/program plan
  • Review and critique existing sales and marketing strategy
  • Review and critique intellectual property strategy
  • Review human capital needs
  • Review and critique financial projections
  • Identify funding needs tied to product development and manufacturing strategy
  • Develop a financing strategy



Phase 3 – Plan Execution & Fundraising

  • Review updated pitch deck for Investors
  • Preparation and documentation for Investor due diligence process
  • Dry run with panel of Investors and Entrepreneurs
  • Initiate dialogue, introductions and pitch to Investors
  • Continuously review and critique performance against milestones/program plan
  • Continuously review and update Investor pitch deck
  • Mentoring and coaching on an on-going basis