Portfolio Companies

UBuildNet.com is a construction industry website designed to build strategic relationships, enhance communication, and improve business operations through our cloud based software. Members join and create a profile, upload pictures, share project information, and develop new B2B partnerships to improve their project performance. Our business operations software, called UPro, is a project management suite designed to simplify complex operations and improve project performance, it is effective, simple, and affordable focused on the construction industry.

AdaptiveProfessionals.com is the revolutionary new online staffing company and community just for accounting and finance professionals and the businesses that need their help.  Founded by a 20 year accounting veteran, CPA and CFO,AdaptiveProfessionals.com provides direct access to great temporary professionals at 30% lower hourly rates than traditional staffing agencies, plus total transparency, control and ease of use.


Bluum is a product discovery service for parents to find, share and buy mom-approved products – suited from pregnancy to 5 year old kids.

Starting a family is one of the most thrilling but also life-altering experiences for parents. Exposed to an overwhelming amount of product choices and information resources, parents are in need of guidance from trustworthy experts. bluum® helps those parents find the right products at the right time: based on child’s age, gender, milestones and preferences, bluum® curates a monthly subscription box for each customer with the perfect mix of trusted and innovative brands.

Animal Social Club

ASC is a social loyalty platform that helps consumers find and engage with the brands that they love most. We give users the ability to collect and trade digital reward cards from the world’s top brands as well as the hottest up-and-coming designers.

FUSAR Technologies

FUSAR seeks to develop the world’s most advanced wearable technologies that will keep you safe on the road and racetrack. FUSAR’s inaugural product is the GUARDIAN which features a true heads-up display and powerful onboard computer, provides motorcyclists with vital information about their surroundings.

Mobile Xoom

Inspirity offers a cloud-based B2B platform for businesses to start their mobile strategy starting with a quick and easy conversion of their websites into a mobile version in just 1 click and 1 minute, with further ability to drive ongoing marketing initiatives.


MobileArq School Directory Plus is a robust and easy-to-use integrated App that combines a school directory for parents with a fundraising & group communications platform for the Parent Teacher Organization (PTA). Currently, over 20,000 parents are using MobileArq services.

Outdoor Exchange

OX is building the world’s largest community marketplace for the listing, discovery, and booking of outdoor gear. We are building that community by selling memberships for an affordable annual fee for access to high quality outdoor gear.

Retail Shopping Systems

RSS is transforming the in-store shopping experience. Our CartMagic product provides shoppers with a dynamic interactive visual experience, mounted right on the shopping cart handlebar.


SHIELDtech provides community members a unique solution that incorporates a wireless panic device, partnered with a smartphone application, to enable them to quickly and discreetly alert public safety of an emergency at the simple push of a button.


WeldObot provides robotic solutions to the medium and large pipe welding industry. Recent product include The SteadyWeld which is a unique Semi-automatic smart welding torch that for the first time makes it possible to receive real-time feedback during a manual welding process. The product will allow new welders to perform high quality welds quickly, while professional welders will enjoy unprecedented ease of use and increased quality throughout the day.

WeldObot innovations combines sensory feedback, servo algorithms and human interface to provide the next generation in welding technology. The system uses sensors such as digital accelerometers, machine vision cameras and current sensors that generate feedback to the user on the correct welding parameters such as speed, power, and position, while instructing the robotics how to weld accurately and perfectly.

The WeldObot system will provide the user with data to evaluate the welding process quality by collecting data of current, position, oscillation frequency and welding speed, and comparing it to pre-defined welding requirements.

30 Second Showcase

30 Second Showcase is a mobile application that enables creatives to create one page micro-portfolios (showcases) of their best work; this allows them to get introduced, get discovered, and get the gig.


BeautyStat is a search and discovery retail site that gives consumers alerts of beauty product deals, exclusive offers and ways to discover new products that meet their unique beauty needs.


Caktus helps people perform better and live healthier by coaching them towards optimal hydration with a solution consisting of a smart sensor and a companion mobile application.


HAZARAI is an online portal into the universe of all things geek and pop culture (comic books, graphic novels, action figures, video games, designer toys, etc.); a one-stop destination to shop, sell, explore, and geek out with fellow like-minded enthusiasts.


A smarter messaging experience that manages your text messages like email. Text messaging is life’s ultimate to-do list. Why not treat it that way?


Invidio is a service for video entertainment that enables viewers to purchase the products and apparel they see on-screen in their favorite TV shows, movies, and music videos.

Prospect Predict

Prospect Predict (formerly Relationship Manager) is a SaaS solution that uses predictive analytics to show sales reps exactly where to spend their time.


SeekChange is a personal wellness company that combines emerging research in emotion regulation and positive psychology, with mobile software. We seek to redefine the use of technology to support individual and collective well being.


Share battery charge wirelessly between mobile devices with our hardware. Use our social application to find individuals willing to share battery charge and take charge.

Sky City Apartments

Sky City Apartments, LLC (established in 2010) is the leading provider of short-term luxury vacation apartment rentals in the New York City metro area. We presently have 63 apartments currently has under lease. We are the premier name in vacation rentals, evidenced by hundreds of positive online guest reviews from countries all over the globe. Clientele is almost 100% international, primarily from Australia, Latin America and Western Europe. We have grown the business and built our reputation through smart consumer-facing advertising and marketing, relationships with online and traditional travel agencies, and a relentless focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Over the last 3 years we have taken in more than 5,000 bookings totaling approximately 50,000 room-nights and hosted over 20,000 people in our apartments. Practically all of the sales come through the use of online advertising and social media. Technology has leveled the playing field for us!

In addition to growing its leased apartment portfolio in the New York City area, we also plan expansion in Miami and San Francisco.


STEARCLEAR is a technology company dedicated to providing “last mile” services to consumers and businesses using smartphone applications and sophisticated GPS technology. Its flagship designated driver service provides customers with one-touch access to local driver teams that pick them up and get them and their car home safely and responsibly. STEARCLEAR franchise opportunities are available across in North America, EMEA, Australia and South Africa.


Offline-to-online mobile solution for businesses to instantly engage and reward customers, connect via social media, and lower acquisition costs.


Mobile social networking application that provides a real-time view of user-generated content from the individuals, organizations and local businesses of a community.

Flying Kick

Interactive mobile menu application thoughtfully designed to improve the dining experience.


Social media platform for athletes that connects college recruits, coaches and fans.


Online service for planning long-distance trips using multiple private bus companies.


Online library of lessons for teachers featuring Pop-Culture content and streaming videos.

Pervasive Group

Mobile-to-mobile parental control solution for smart phones capable of preventing texting while driving and limiting content and/or usability.


Event-based photo sharing service that aggregates content from multiple users as well as images from photo booths stationed at venue.


Mobile platform for planning casual events with small groups of friends.


Online platform that allows consumers to connect and collaborate directly with emerging fashion designers for one-off, custom-designed clothing.


TechLaunch was created in 2011 to drive the commercialization of emerging technology created by aspiring entrepreneurs.  It was formed in collaboration with Casabona Ventures (CasabonaVentures.com), Jumpstart New Jersey Angel Network (JumpstartNJ.com), NJ Economic Development Authority (EDA) (njeda.com), and successful entrepreneurs. TechLaunch provides a select group of emerging technology ventures with seed-stage funding, access to over 100 qualified mentors, business training, co-working space, key business services and exposure to qualified investors, through a proven 16-week business bootcamp (LaunchPad) program. The program culminates on Demo Day with Investor pitches and demonstrations of the developed products. To learn more please visit techlaunch.com. Any media inquiries should be directed to Norma@TechLaunch.com.

Powerhouse Dynamics
PowerHouse Dynamics delivers an Energy Management solution that enables consumers and light industry to manage all uses – and sources – of energy in their homes/facilities, integrating energy efficiency, renewable energy and, ultimately, electric vehicles.

The Go-Now’s disruptive technology meets the demand for payment transactions via your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. It is the first and only E-Wallet Mobile Payment Solution that works with both magnetic stripe AND contactless payment terminals. The Go-Now reduces your wallet to your mobile phone and a single, secure re-programmable magnetic stripe card that works at 100% of the existing merchant POS terminals. This patent pending product solves the major problem limiting E-Wallet adoption today – incompatibility with existing point-of-sale (POS) payment terminals.

SpeechTrans, Inc.
SpeechTrans Inc.’s patented Speech to Speech Translation Software eliminates Language Barriers, One Language at a Time. Using Nuance’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) ensures 95% accuracy and makes SpeechTrans the World’s Most Advanced Speech to Speech Translator. Integration of Facebook Chat, places SpeechTrans at the forefront of True Global Communication.

Common Ground Recycling
Common Ground Recycling, Inc.’s patented, innovative tire recycling equipment provides several unique advantages. Compared to traditional shredders, it’s punching method requires only 1/4 of the energy, and produces higher quality output. The elimination of waste friction and heat means the same volume of scrap tires can be processed with lower cost equipment without the fire hazard, smoke generation or need for water cooling and associated effluent. Scrap tire piles pose an environmental hazard. CGR’s equipment gets rid of them without generating an environmental impact in the process.

Raysat Antenna Systems
Raysat Antenna Systems LLC (RAS), designs, develops, manufactures, and markets satellite antennas to enable broadband, 2-way communications for vehicles in motion. RAS provides total solutions, based on these antennas, to government, military, and industrial customers throughout the world. ACQUIRED

Skyworks Interactive
Skyworks Interactive has long been a major contender in the online gaming sector. The Company has recently entered the iPhone market, generating rapid consumer acceptance of its games in the popular Apple App store, where they have quickly risen to the Top 100 games of their respective segments.

TimeSight Systems
TimeSight Systems is a pioneer in storage management for the exploding video surveillance industry. In a market driven by insatiable demand for high resolution video, longer retention, and analytics, TimeSight’s unique technology offers a platform that allows the highest resolution possible at a fraction of the cost of other approaches.

Fortress Technologies

Increases soldiers’access to information by enabling secure wireless local area network capabilities for battlefield logistics, convoy, command post and soldier applications. It is the wireless-technology provider for the Army’s only certified tactical wireless LAN. ACQUIRED.

Electro-Radiation Inc.,

Provides Radar, SatCom and Navigation electronic countermeasures equipment to the Defense Industry. ACQUIRED.

Energy Equipment Trading F, LP
Energy Equipment Trading F, L.P. finances the purchase, retrofit, refurbishing, preparation for resale, resale and trading of oil and gas transportation, drilling and completion equipment. This equipment is critical to the successful operation of any oil and gas drilling and production company.
Lochinvar Grand Saline, LLC
Explores, develops and extracts oil and gas reserves in the South East United States.